This Is A Sacred Space

This is a feminine energy space.

  • All private meditation call sessions are scheduled at your convenience.  You and the meditation leader will focus on your intentions, remove emotional and mental blocks, and harness the energy that will align you with your vision.  

  • All of the free guided meditation call sessions use breathing, visualizations, and other law of attraction techniques to help women anonymously focus on their intentions.  

  • We combine our energies to support your vision.  You can book up to three additional co-creators to support your intention during your private meditation call.

  • The free group meditation sessions are are not scheduled.  Calls are held on randomly inspired days, at different times each day.  These free calls are completely anonymous.

  • Enter your cell phone number here to receive a text alert 20 minutes before each free guided meditation call, with instructions on how to join.  Your information will not be shared or distributed.

  •  The free guided meditation calls are mostly conducted in listen-only mode.  The calls last around 15-30 minutes. 

  • Toward the end of each free group call someone may be chosen and given the opportunity to anonymously share her intentions with everyone, so that we can put our powers to work and nurture her vision.  Listen for the meditation leader to say the last 4 digits of your phone number.  

  • If you hear the last 4 digits of your phone number you have been selected to anonymously share your desires.  This is a sacred space, there will be no judgement of your desires.  There will be no discrimination for what is “right” or “wrong”. Any stated intentions that are illegal, immoral, or unethical will be cause for immediate termination of your call, and all future calls. You may also be reported to authorities (in this and other dimensions) with disciplinary power.

  • Due to time limitations only a random few will ever have the chance to state their intentions aloud on the free daily calls.  Do not be dismayed if your number is not chosen, it may be chosen on the next call.  If your number is not chosen and you are not given the chance to state your intentions directly, the energy from the meditation will still help propel your individual desires into reality.    

  • Are you outside of the United States, or unable to receive text messages?  Click here to register your email address. Check your email to verify you account. Alerts should appear in your inbox. Check your spam folder if you are not receiving emaile alerts. Add to your safe senders list. 

  • To schedule a private manifestation call, click here.  

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